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    Jovie, Babies Stop Breathing When Sleeping

    Jovie Wyse, a six-month-old infant from Worcester, England, always stop breathing every time you fall asleep. He also must spend 21 hours a day with a ventilator to stay alive. Jovie, who received treatment tracheostomi (outside help the airway opening) just two months after he was born, will depend on a ventilator when he sleeps for the rest of his life. He was diagnosed with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS). He will automatically not breathing when sleeping. His parents, Chris and Lorna Wyse, must ensure that their daughter is always closer than ventilatornya. Far from respiratory assistive devices, can be fatal for the baby. CCHS is a disease where the blood has very low levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide is very high when he sleeps. About 300 children around the w


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